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gPROMS®: Defining and solving optimisation problems (1-day)

The gPROMS platform provides powerful optimisation facilities that allow you to determine optimal answers directly rather than via trial-and-error simulation, saving time and reducing time-to-market for new processes or enhancements.

Key capabilities include the ability to formulate and solve steady-state, dynamic and mixed integer optimisations in order to:

  • Optimise unit design to minimise CAPEX, maximise operability, etc.
  • Optimise operation to minimise energy, feedstock use, etc.
  • Optimise operating policy to determine optimal start-up or grade change procedures
  • Perform whole plant optimisation to improve plant economics

Course Overview

This one-day advanced training course focuses on the optimisation facilities provided by gPROMS including dynamic and mixed integer optimisation. A combination of tutorials and hands-on problem solving sessions allows participants to cover the following topics:

  • Dynamic optimisation of processes by characterising the optimisation problem (i.e. objective, constraints and decision variables)
  • Formulating a dynamic optimisation in gPROMS
  • Optimisation of continuous and discrete variables for dynamic processes
  • Interpretation and use of optimisation results

Who should attend?

This one-day training course is aimed at engineers and scientists who are interested in learning how to effectively apply powerful optimisation facilities provided by gPROMS to real problems.


It is advisable to have completed the gPROMS: Developing custom unit operation models course prior to attending this course or to have previously had extensive experience with gPROMS.


Timings are approximate.






Introduction to the mathematics of optimisation


Specifying and solving optimisation problems in gPROMS


Analysing optimisation results




Advanced optimisation in gPROMS


Mixed integer optimisation



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