PSE Training

PSE provides expert, extensive training

This can take the form of standard training courses, customised in-house courses, and 'on project' training or workshops, where our expert modellers work alongside your process specialists to deliver specific solutions.

The benefits of training

These are just a few reminders of why training is a good idea

The benefits of gPROMS training can be summarised in a single word: productivity. By undertaking gPROMS training, you will:

  • move up the gPROMS learning curve significantly in a few days, to become much more productive in your modelling work
  • understand how best to approach building models of complex processes, and what to do when things go wrong
  • be well on your way to becoming a superuser, capable of providing assistance to others in your organisation
  • establish relationships with PSE Applications Engineering personnel, and ask them specific questions related to your applications
  • learn a lot about modelling of complex process systems in general, as well as specific tips, techniques and tricks.

Training personnel

gPROMS training is conducted by PSE Applications Engineering or Consulting personnel. You will have all the benefit of their years of experience in using all aspects of the software.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our courses this year!

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