Services for wastewater systems optimisation

We offer extensive model-based engineering services for optimisation of wastewater treatment plants.

Our team of domain and modelling experts provides a range of advanced solutions to improve equipment utilisation, reduce energy consumption by up to 40% and establish efficient and effective plant operation.

We also provide economic assessment and optimisation of process and investment options.

Better wastewater processes

We offer a range of consulting options and applications to help you:

  • reduce operating costs
  • reduce capital costs
  • reduce energy consumption
  • improve water quality
  • reduce environmental impact, including CO2 emissions)
  • reduce initial investment
  • improve long-term planning
  • modernise and improve current operation.

Consulting services

Consulting options and applications for wastewater treatment include:

  • Plant audit
  • Plant investment optimisation
  • Micropollutant process design
  • Plant operation, upgrades and retro-fits
  • Economic comparison of process options
  • Expert support

All of our services are based on the application of Advanced Process Modelling technology to accelerate innovation, manage risk and support engineering and operating decisions.

Our solutions

We work closely with our clients

Plant audit

For the majority of our clients the Plant Audit is the first step to working with us. This is an initial scoping assessment that will help both of us to determine the potential for improvements and gauge how to proceed. The plant audit involves review and modelling of plant operations, water quality and power usage.

[Find out more about our Plant audit service]

Model construction and engineering

Development of plant-specific, validated models of wastewater treatment systems to simulate and optimise cost and release of contaminants. Identification of viable engineering solutions to reduce power consumption and improve design and operations.

Offline monitoring systems

Implementation of easy-to-use plant models with customised web-based interfaces and secure connections to aid on-plant decision making, monitor key process parameters and maintain a low energy consumption year-on-year.

Online monitoring systems

Implementation of online plant models, connected to real, live measurements for continuous monitoring and decision support. This option includes online auto-calibration and continuous optimisation of water quality and energy consumption.

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