A simple 3-step approach to wastewater systems optimisation

PSE offers a simple, 3-step process for implementing our web-based or online gWATER PlantOptimiser on your wastewater treatment plant.

PlantOptimiser can optimise your plant on a daily or even hourly basis using high-fidelity models of the treatment process. This enables your operations personnel to run the plant at maximum efficiency – every day.

The implementation starts with a free consultation and pre-audit to explain the approach and estimate the potential benefits. We then perform a full plant performance audit, followed by implementation and training on-site.

How it works

Because wastewater treatment plants are built to cater for future loads, they often operate at far below maximum efficiency.

Model-based optimisation techniques frequently identify 10–40% savings in operating – typically energy – costs simply by generating optimal setpoints for aeration controllers, sludge line recirculation flowrates and sludge extraction rates.

Because plant loads change from day to day, the maximum benefit is achieved by running the optimiser whenever required. Depending on the type of implementation and existing plant operation, the return on investment is typically 1–3 years.


Everyday Efficiency is a service to implement a PlantOptimiser high-fidelity optimisation model of your plant that can be run directly by your operators via a web browser or online as part of the plant automation system. It typically involves the following steps:

Step 1 – pre-audit (free)

This free initial step involves:

  • Building a representative model of your plant in our gWATER modelling environment
  • Fitting this to available data
  • Determining the optimal operational efficiency attainable
  • Providing a short summary report.

The report contains:

  • Estimates of potential benefits
  • A summary of data shortcomings
  • Benefits of additional instrumentation
  • A costed proposal for step 2.

We then present and discuss the results on-site

Step 2 – full audit

During this step we:

  • Refine the gWATER plant model to cover the full plant, based on the full set of data available
  • Develop any new or modified process models that may be required to represent your process fully
  • Validate the full plant model against different operation scenarios
  • Provide a full audit report with quantified benefits
  • Prepare a full quotation for on-site implementation of the PlantOptimiser.

Step 3 – full implementation

In this step we:

  • Build the gWATER PlantOptimiser user interface
  • Implement the PlantOptimiser on-site, integrating with the process automation system if necessary
  • Perform site acceptance testing against selected operation scenarios
  • Train your plant personnel.

Ongoing care & maintenance

Once the PlantOptimiser is installed, we can help you keep it up-to-date with plant changes, or extend it to incorporate new instrumentation.

We can also use the model to advise on future plant investment decisions.

Benefits of a PlantOptimiser

A PlantOptimiser can bring significant benefits to your wastewater treatment operation, with a typical return on investment (ROI) of 1–3 years. Some of the benefits you are likely to see are:

  • Reduce operating costs by 10–40%
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve water quality
  • Quickly detect sensor malfunctions and data mismatch
  • Reconcile data and improve reporting
  • Enhance plant information and meet key performance indicators (KPIs).

However you don't have to believe our word alone. Our step-by-step approach is designed to allow you to quantify the potential benefits at each successive stage, starting with the free pre-audit, so that you can decide for yourself whether to proceed.

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