Advanced Process Modelling
for wastewater systems optimisation

Reduce energy consumption by up to 40%, improve plant design, attract subsidies and comply with emerging regulation

Based on gWATER advanced process modelling technology

PSE Wastewater Treatment provides model-based engineering services for optimisation of wastewater treatment plants using our industry-leading gWATER process modelling technology.

Our PlantOptimiser provides on-demand or online plant optimisation to your operations teams, helping to save up to 40% energy costs.

Our expert services team provides a range of advanced solutions to improve equipment utilisation, establish efficient and effective plant operation, optimise process design and assess investment options.

PSE Wastewater overview

Our wastewater systems optimisation services are provided via our BlueWatt Engineering subsidiary based in Switzerland. We also provide the gWATER software to selected universities to help in research aimed at furthering the science of water treatment.

gWATER software

gWATER technology

All of PSE's services are based on our gWATER advanced process modelling tool for wastewater systems. Built on gPROMS platform, gWATER provides steady-state and dyanamic simulation, optimisation and parameter estimation capabilities based on high-fidelity treatment process models.

PlantOptimizer wasterwater plant optimization


Our PlantOptimiser provides on-demand or online plant optimisation to your operations teams, helping to save up to 40% of energy costs. We implement PlantOptimiser in a simple 3-step approach, starting with a FREE plant pre-audit to determine the potential savings.

Wasterwater process innovation

Design and innovation services

Using high-fidelity model-based engineering techniques we can help you design the optimal plant for a given service, choose between competing technologies, or innovate to meet forthcoming regulatory requirements such as micropollutant control.

Wastewater system operation optimization

Operational optimisation

We can help you optimise many aspects of plant operation, including advising on instrumentation. Start off with a FREE plant audit to see where the potential lies.

A comprehensive solution – from rainfall to river

PSE works with companies such as e-dric to incorporate runoff and sewerage system modelling with treatment plant models, to provide a complete rainfall to discharge solution.

See also, a collaboration between BlueWatt Engineering, e-dric, Gestion des Eaux et Déchets (GED) and Pelco helping Swiss companies to benefit from the InfraWatt and Grands Consommateurs subsidy programmes.

Advancing the science, transforming best practice

PSE is committed to continual development of wastewater treatment capabilities, transforming design and operation in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and establishing new best practice.

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