PSE is the world-leading provider of Advanced Process Modelling software and expert consulting services to the pharmaceutical sector.

We deliver mechanistic model-based solutions for drug substance manufacture, drug product manufacture and drug delivery that help you to bring better drugs to market faster.

Our expertise in both life sciences and other process industries enables us to provide you with the solutions needed to improve R&D efficiency, reduce tech transfer risk and develop robust formulations and manufacturing processes.

Products, services and industry initiatives

PSE is active in defining, developing and driving the adoption of next-generation model-based technology and workflows throughout the pharmaceuticals sector.


Advanced modelling technology

gPROMS FormulatedProducts® is PSE’s world-leading environment for integrated digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes. It has been developed specifically with the needs of the pharma industry in mind.

The Systems-based Pharmaceutics Alliance

The Systems-based Pharmaceutics® (SbP) Alliance comprises PSE and six major pharma companies working closely together to develop integrated digital design techniques based on mechanistic models, verified by targeted experiments.

Consulting, training & support

We provide extensive services to help companies apply the latest model-based techniques to drug substance and drug product manufacture while linking these to product performance, as well as to adopt digital design and Systems-based Pharmaceutics approaches within their workflows.

Centre of Excellence

PSE operates the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Pharmaceutical Formulation & Manufacture with leading pharmaceuticals R&D centre RCPE. The CoE provides a one-stop service for the pharma industry that combines mechanistic modelling and experimentation.