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  • Produce more from your field (APR-2018)
  • Production optimisation and integrated asset optimisation (OCT-2017)
  • Production optimisation for Oil and Gas fields (FEB-2017)
  • Integrated Asset Optimisation (APR-2017)
  • Fire depressurisation analysis in Oil and Gas facilities (MAR-2018)
  • Fire depressurisation in Oil and Gas facilities: detailed analysis (OCT-2016)
  • Fire analysis in upstream Oil and Gas facilities (MAR-2016)
  • Accurate low temperature analysis for blowdown systems under API 521 (JUL-2016)
  • Optimal selection of materials of construction for gas processing facilities (FEB-2016)
  • Assessing the design temperature of flare headers (JUN-2015)
  • Accurately assess flare system capacity using dynamic analysis (MAR-2015)
  • Advanced Modelling of Relief Systems (MAR-2013)
  • Oil / Gas Separators (JUL-2012)
  • Vessel and System Blowdown for Safe Design and Operation (NOV-2012)
  • Compression train optimisation using Advanced Process Modelling (JUL-2014)

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