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Presentations in best practices led by PSE's Pressure Relief, Flar and Blowdown Centre of Expertise

Evolving industry guidelines are changing the way Oil & Gas companies approach process safety in pressure relief, blowdown and flare systems. Best practice now increasingly puts high-fidelity dynamic modelling techniques at the centre of materials of construction decisions, pressure relief sizing and flare capacity assessments. PSE's Centre of Expertise in pressure relief, flare and blowdown hosts seminars, training courses and webinars to improve understanding of the importance of accurate assessment in Oil & Gas system design.

Public seminars

PSE hosts free, public seminars in major Oil & Gas industry hub cities. The seminars explain the importance of high-fidelity modelling approaches, when they should be applied and how they fit in with engineering workflows and industry guidelines (such as API 521). Three seminar topics are presented periodically in free, half-day seminars:

Training courses

PSE hosts training courses to help engineers gain a practical understanding of the design requirements, technology and best practices in relief, blowdown and flare systems. The courses begin with the basic theory of overpressure protection and progress through industry codes of practice, relief device sizing, materials of construction, flare system layout and more. Each course concludes with a short test to check participants' understanding. Two training courses are presented periodically:

On request, PSE can run on-site workshops for your organisation. Training course and seminar content can be adapted to meet the needs and interests of your organisation, including hands-on exercises using gFLARE software.


PSE hosts free, public webinars covering a range of topics in relief, blowdown and flare system design and operation. Webinars are typically 45 minutes followed by a live Q&A session with the presenter. Topics are scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the year with archived recordings available on-demand.

Overpressure protection and flare capacity

Low temperature analysis in process and flare systems

  • Low temperature analysis during depressuring – Part 1 Theory
  • Low temperature analysis during depressuring – Part 2 Applications and results
  • Low temperature analysis during depressuring – Part 3 Case studies with economic analysis
  • Cold jet impingement in knock-out drums and separators in Oil & Gas facilities

Please see our webinar calendar for dates, times and registration links. Recordings are available on-demand in our Oil & Gas webinar archive.

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