Optimising production

Using best-in-class solutions

Advanced optimisation techniques can substantially increase the production value from oil and gas fields, as well as reduce production costs.

PSE’s gPROMS® Oilfield environment uses robust modelling and best-in-class optimisation techniques that can find much higher production values than existing solutions and enable you to achieve optimal operation rapidly and effectively.

gPROMS Oilfield

gPROMS Oilfield provides a comprehensive modelling and optimisation capability for oil and gas fields within a single environment, from engineering through to operations.

gPROMS Oilfield advantages

Major advantages of the gPROMS Oilfield solution are its ability to:

  • optimise well & pipeline systems simultaneously
  • utilise globalisation techniques to avoid getting stuck in local optima
  • include both continuous (such as gas lift rates) and discrete (such as routing & status) decision variables in the optimisation
  • provide a workable, immediately implementable solution based on the number and type of field changes the user is prepared to implement (this can be defined prior to the optimisation)
  • include facilities components for full asset optimisation
  • provide flexible constraint management

Integration with other industry-standard tools

gPROMS Oilfield integrates with industry-standard flow modelling tools such as GAP® from Petroleum Experts and PIPESIM® from Schlumberger, and utilises the OLGAS multiphase flow correlation to ensure consistency across tools.

Automated tools allow easy import from existing well and field definitions.


gPROMS Oilfield can be deployed throughout the asset operation:

  • Engineers can use the standard desktop application to configure models and perform offline analysis, for example, what-if studies and optimisation
  • Executable models can be embedded within existing workflow (e.g. Digital Oilfield) solutions, transparently to the user
  • gPROMS Oilfield Optimiser can be deployed behind a customised user interface or dashboard, to provide a field specific interface that allows only key parameters to be changed.

All the above deployments can be hosted either on a local computer or, taking advantage of PSE's high-performance computing (HPC) technology, on an internal intranet or as a cloud based application.