Dynamic process analysis

Using high-fidelity models to analyse process transient behaviour

PSE Oil & Gas provides services based on high-fidelity dynamic models in a range of areas – from HIPPS studies to operations support for well start-up.

PSE’s gPROMS family products, built on the gPROMS® advanced process modelling platform, are world leaders in dynamic simulation and optimization software.

Limitations of current practice

An apparently small differentiation between different dynamic simulation tools can have significant safety implications.

Many of the dynamic simulation tools currently in use have fixed-step integrators. This means that, for example, it is difficult for them to model fast transients accurately; in some cases it is possible for them simply to ‘step over’ fast transients such as peaks in pressure.

This obviously can have serious consequences in studies where the main objective is to determine peak transients, giving grossly incorrect results.

Sophisticated equation-oriented modelling tools such as the gPROMS family products have variable step integrators, which means that they can accurately calculate fast transients even for complex and highly non-linear systems.

PSE services

Typical dynamic simulation services include:

PSE’s solution

The use of a rigorous model-based safety approach based on our gFLARE technology and coupled process and flare network models can result not only in improved process safety but also an improvement in operations and a considerable reduction in CAPEX. Read our case studies to find out how Oil & Gas companies are saving billions.