Explore the decision space rapidly

gPROMS® FuelCell multi-scale predictive models provide engineers and scientists with all the power of the gPROMS platform. The multi-scale predictive models are validated against experimental data then applied within a simulation, optimisation and global system analysis framework to explore the multi-dimensional decision space.

The result is accelerated development, better cell and system design, reduced technology risk, and better integrated R&D experimentation and engineering design.

gFUELCELL – a single solution for stack and system design

Data-based validation of MEA

  • Determine optimal materials for applications of interest
  • Validate cell model to predict behaviour of different cell designs using data
  • Characterise performance of catalysts and membranes

Detailed stack design

  • Removes the need to model micro-scale phenomena with CFD mesh
  • Higher confidence in prediction and faster simulation time
  • Couple the validated MEA model with a complex model of the flow field and GDLs in CFD

Stack performance design

  • Use the validated MEA models embedded within high-fidelity first-principles models
  • Analyse transient behaviour of the stack to design water management strategy
  • Explore the decision space with the Global System Analysis tool
  • Use the Optimisation tool to improve design (eg. minimise catalyst loading while meeting performance requirements)

Whole system design and optimisation

  • Design full system with pressure driven model to help design control strategies
  • Study system response to various disturbances in model inputs
  • Simulate performance for standard drive-cycles or for special operations such as start-up and shut-down
  • Implement hierarchical control strategies with the signal libraries
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  • Getting maximum information from experimental data
  • Quantified design decisions
  • Optimal stack design and system configuration
  • Reduced technology risk
  • Confidence in safe, durable stack operation
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Strong usability

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