Model-Based Innovation Prize 2018 Results

Winning paper demonstrates integration of a Computer Aided Molecular Design (CAMD) into the flowsheeting environment of gPROMS for the integrated design of process and working fluid.

We are pleased to announce the winners and runners-up of the 2018 PSE Model-Based Innovation Prizes. They are …


The winning publication for the €3000 prize is:

Integrated design of ORC process and working fluid using process flowsheeting software and PC-SAFT by Johannes Schilling*, Andre Bardow of RWTH Aachen University, Germany; Joachim Gross of Stuttgart University, Germany. Published in Proceedings of the IV International Seminar on ORC Power Systems, ORC2017, Italy.


The publications that are joint winners of the €1000 runners-up prizes are:

Prediction of critical quality attributes and optimization of continuous dry granulation process via flowsheet modeling and experimental validation by Seo-Young Park*, Shaun C. Galbraith, Huolong Liu, Bumjoon Cha, Zhuangrong Huang, Seongkyu Yoon of Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA; HaeWoo Lee of Daegu-Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF), Daegu, South Korea; Thomas O'Connor and Sau Lee of Food and Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, United States. Published in Powder Technology, Elsevier.

Feasibility of novel integrated dividing-wall batch reactive distillation processes for the synthesis of methyl decanoate by Dhia Y. Aqar* of University of Bradford, UK and Ministry of Oil, South Refineries Company, Basra, Iraq, Nejat Rahmanian, Iqbal M. Mujtaba of University of Bradford, UK. Published in Separation and Purification Technology, Elsevier

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