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Model-Based Innovation Prize 2016 Results

Winning paper presents a gPROMS-based modelling, estimation, optimisation and feedback control framework of industrial polymerization processes

The winning paper

We are pleased to announce the winners and runners-up of the 2016 PSE Model-Based Innovation Prizes. They are …


The winning publication for the €3000 prize is:

Combining On-Line Characterization Tools with Modern Software Environments for Optimal Operation of Polymerization Processes
by Jose A. Romagnoli, Navid Ghadipasha, Aryan Geraili of Louisiana State University, Carlos A. Castor, Jr., Wayne F. Reed of Tulane University and Michael F. Drenski of Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies, Inc. Published in Processes 2016, Special Issue Polymer Modeling, Control and Monitoring.


The publications that are joint winners of the €1000 runners-up prizes are:

Dynamics of immature mAb glycoform secretion during CHO cell culture: An integrated modelling framework
by Ioscani Jimenez del Val of University College Dublin, Yuzhou Fan of Technical University of Denmark and Dietmar Weilguny of Symphogen A/S, Denmark. Published in Biotechnology Journal, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co.

Dynamic Modeling and Collocation-Based Model Reduction of Cryogenic Air Separation Units
by Yanan Cao and Christopher L. E. Swartz of McMaster University and Jesus Flores-Cerrillo and Jingran Ma of Advanced Control and Operations Research, Praxair Technology Center, NY. Published in AIChE Journal.

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