Industrial strength, academic price

PSE supports chemical engineering academic research and education by offering long term licenses of gPROMS platform products with full functionality at a small fraction of the commercial price.

Academics use gPROMS for research and teaching

  • Perform groundbreaking research. gPROMS is a fast, robust platform for creating first principles process models coupled with experimental data. Parameter estimation and MINLP optimization tools help you accelerate innovation. Researchers use gPROMS to enhance traditional process areas, develop novel processes and apply simulation and modelling to new areas of research.

  • Teach courses using gPROMS. Professors teach undergraduate and masters courses in subjects such as dynamics, process design and principles of modelling. Equation-based, open models allow professors to create models suited to the course. Students see the direct impact of first principles engineering, rather than button pressing on black box models. The PATH initiative helps professors create courses.

Because of our origins at Imperial College, PSE has a long history of involvement with academic institutions and research organisations. Over 200 institutions already use gPROMS to achieve rapid results across a wide range of research topics. Most academic computing clusters already have the hardware and license software appropriate for running gPROMS. Our academic FAQ has more information on IT requirements, license management and user training and support.

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