The gPROMS® Web Applications Platform (gWAP) allows any modeller to publish a model behind an easy-to-use web interface.

This enables ‘non-modelling users’ across the organisation – e.g. operations, purchasers, scientists – to leverage the information and IP within high-fidelity models for decision support in a familiar, easy-to-use form.

gPROMS Web Applications Workflow

Features and advantages

  • gPROMS Web Applications can be installed on the company intranet or externally-hosted clouds. This means that they can be made widely accessible, and have access to large amounts of computing power if necessary
  • The gWAP Integrated management system recognizes three types of user:
    • Administrator – manages others and their privileges
    • Creator – creates and uploads applications
    • End user – uses application that they are allowed to access
  • The centralised system allows tight management of user access and quality control


Example Batch Reactor dashboard

Example: Batch reactor
Analyse the effect of recipe changes on yields

Example Oil & gas optimization dashboard

Example: Oil & gas optimization
Optimize day-to-day oilfield production