gPROMS ProcessBuilder

Product sheet

ProcessBuilder is supplied with the following standard features and options:

CodeStandard product & optionsIncludedOptions
Notes   [1] [2]
gSW-1100 gPROMS ProcessBuilder base functionality  
Platform components
gSW-0110 Flowsheet Construction & Modification  
gSW-0120 Custom Modelling  
gSW-0200 Activity: Simulation (steady-state and dynamic)  
gSW-0210 Activity: Optimisation (steady-state and dynamic)  
gSW-0220 Activity: Parameter Estimation  
gSW-0230 Activity: Experiment Design  
gSW-0240 Activity: Global System Analysis  
gSW-0300 Export to gPROMS Objects  
gSW-0310 Custom Model Library Management  
gSW-0400 gPROMS High Performance Computing  
gSW-0500 Hybrid Multizonal gPROMS/CFD Interface  
Physical properties
gSW-0830 gSAFT  
gSW-0832 gSAFT Custom Databank Management  
gSW-0860 Multiflash  
gSW-0869 Multiflash - DIPPR  
Model libraries
gSW-1101 gML Multipack 1: Basics, Signal, Control, Flow, HX  
gSW-1102 gML Multipack 2: Reaction, Separations - Fluid-Fluid  
gSW-1110 gML:Basics  
gSW-1111 gML:Signal  
gSW-1112 gML:Control  
gSW-1113 gML:Flow Transportation  
gSW-1114 gML:Heat Exchange  
gSW-1120 gML:Reaction  
gSW-1128 AML:Trickle Bed Reactor  
gSW-1131 AML:Fixed-Bed Catalytic Reactors (Axial Flow)  
gSW-1132 AML:Fixed-Bed Catalytic Reactors (Radial Flow)  
gSW-1138 AML:FBCR-FLUENT interface for multitubular reactors  
gSW-1139 AML:FBCR-STAR-CD interface for multitubular reactors  
gSW-1140 gML:Separations - Fluid-Fluid  
gSW-1141 AML:Gas-Liquid Contactors  
gSW-1145 gML:Separations - Adsorption  
gSW-1160 gML:Mass Balance  
gSW-1180 gML:Olefins  
gSW-1300 gML:Utilities  
gSW-1305 gML:Power – Conventional Power Generation  
gSW-1315 gML:Water – Activated Sludge             
gSW-1316 gML:Water – Sludge Train   



  1. Included in standard product
  2. Recommended options

Licence basis

The following licence types are available:

  • Concurrent user – Site-wide (default)
  • Concurrent user – Region-wide
  • Concurrent user – Worldwide

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