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Next-generation process simulation for fluid processes

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gPROMS ProcessBuilder is a next-generation Advanced Process Modelling environment for the process industries.

ProcessBuilder combines industry-leading steady-state and dynamic models with all the power of the gPROMS equation-oriented simulation and optimisation platform in an easy-to-use flowsheeting environment.

It is transforming the way the process industries design and operate by unlocking new value and competitive advantage in ‘already optimised’ processes.

Everything you would expect in a process simulator …

gPROMS ProcessBuilder

… plus a whole lot more

However the similarities end there. ProcessBuilder provides all the power of the gPROMS platform – high-fidelity first-principles predictive modelling within a truly equation-oriented optimisation framework.

This opens the door to high-value applications, which allow you to create value far beyond anything possible with traditional simulation environments.

gProcess reactor design

Detailed reactor design

Perform detailed design of catalytic reactors – in a flowsheet environment!

gProcess whole-plant optimisation

Whole-plant optimisation

Optimise the whole plant simultaneously to find the truly best design.

gProcess Multi-site optimisation

Multi-site optimisation

Consider multiple sites together to take into account trade-offs in production.

gProcess Global Sensitivity Analysis

Global system analysis

Easily relate the variability of system outputs – e.g. process KPIs – to variability in system inputs to explore the decision space rapidly.

Features at-a-glance

The feature-rich ProcessBuilder environment brings many advantages. Here is a summary:


  • Drag & drop flowsheeting
  • Libraries of all standard process models
  • Steady-state and dynamics
  • Powerful optimisation, including mixed integer optimisation
  • World-leading custom modelling capability using gPROMS language
  • gSAFT advanced thermodynamics, including group contribution method
  • Advanced Model Libraries


  • easy, natural flowsheet construction
  • easy modelling of virtually any process
  • one environment for all activity
  • seek optimal answers directly rather than via trial-end-error simulation
  • create your own corporate libraries to capture competitive advantage
  • predict complex associating fluid behaviour with minimal data
  • perform detailed catalytic reactor design

ProcessBuilder's platform+components approach allows you to perform many applications, from reactor design to wastewater treatment and utility optimisation, within the same environment.

… to create new value

These features are not just 'nice-to-haves'. They help process industry organisations to create high-value applications that capture corporate knowledge and create competitive advantage in ways that have never been possible before.

ProcessBuilder's real predictive power enables you to explore the process decision space rapidly and make better, faster and safer design and operating decisions.

And what is more, ProcessBuilder supports the complete workflow from conceptual design based on steady-state mass and energy balances, through detailed design, all the way to dynamic modelling of processes and their control systems and embedded online applications.

This means that you can cut the costs of software, training, model development and support by using a single modelling environment across the entire process lifecycle.


ProcessBuilder is provided in modular form, so you need only purchase the elements that you require. See the ProcessBuilder product sheet for a full definition

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