gPROMS Process

Industry’s most sophisticated process model libraries

gPROMS Process provides the most sophisticated process models available to the process industries, allowing accurate design and optimization of chemical processes over a wide range of conditions.

In addition, it is possible to ‘mix and match’ standard flowsheet models with your own custom models.

General process libraries

The following libraries are available for general process plant, including advanced reaction, wastewater treatment and utilities.

General process
gML:Basics Sources/sinks, mixers/splitters, stream analysers and many other standard flowsheeting elements
gML:Control Models to trade off specifications between different unit operations and implement control schemes
gML:Signal PID controller, gain, delay, logic switches, transfer functions, dead zones, hysteresis, saturation, mathematical functions and basic operations, signal sources (ramps, steps, function generators), displays, plots, lookup tables, logic programing and other control elements for control design and data manipulation
gML:Heat Exchange Heaters, coolers, two-stream and multi-stream heat exchangers, air coolers, evaporators and condensers
gML:Flow Transportation Valves, pipes, pumps and compressors
gML:Reaction Conversion and Gibbs reactors, kinetic and equilibrium continuous stirred-tank (CSTR) and 1-D plug flow (PFR) reactors, with Arrhenius, Langmuir-Hinshelwood and user-specified reaction mechanisms
gML:Separations – Fluid-Fluid Flash drum, decanter, equilibrium tray and packed-bed distillation columns and absorbers with/without condenser and reboiler, kettle reboiler
gML:Separations – Adsorption Adsorption bed unit with axial and radial flows, with customisable templates for isotherms and mass and heat transfer coefficients, convenient definition of periodic adsorption cycles and scheduless for the self-interacting bed approach
gML:Mass Balance Mass balance-only models, including sources/sinks, mixers/splitters, conversion and yield reactors, a component splitter and a stream analyser. These models can be used without defining physical properties
Rate-based separation
AML:Gas-Liquid Contactors Library for the simulation of gas-liquid contactors. This library uses rate-based models to predict mass and heat transfer between gas and liquid phases
Advanced reaction
AML:Fixed-Bed Catalytic Reactor Fixed-bed reactor models for modelling tubular and multitubular catalytic reactors, including 1-D, 2-D and 3-D (2-D axial and radial tube and 1-D intra-particle) models, with customisable kinetics
AML:Trickle-Bed Reactor Trickle-bed reactor with 2-D axial and radial tube and 1-D intra-particle models, with customisable kinetics
AML:FBCR-CFD interface for multitubular reactors Interface for combining AML:FBCR tube catalytic reaction models with CFD shell-side hydrodynamics model, for detailed reactor geometry design
Electrochemical cell reactors
AML:Electrochemical Cell High-fidelity models of electrochemical cell reactors with customisable anode/cathode half-cell reaction kinetics and membrane ion transport (electrolysers and fuel cells)

Process-specific model libraries

In additional to the models for general process representation, gPROMS Process options include the following libraries for specific applications and industries:

gML:Utilities Process utilities models including boilers, headers, gas turbines, steam turbines and more for simulating and optimizing utility systems
Power generation
gML:Power Library for modelling of power plants. The library supports both coal and gas fired power plants and includes models to predict combustion, steam cycles and aftertreatment
gML:Olefins Detailed furnace with all common coil geometries and a range of kinetic options, including customisable kinetics. Coils are distributed axially
gML:Polyolefins Library for the simulation and optimisation of gas and liquid phase polymerization processes using heterogeneous
gML:Oilfield Oil & Gas well models and pipelines, multiphase flow correlations including OLGAS, field equipment
gML Oilfield Optimizer Optimization of oil & gas assets from production through to process facilities
gML:Flare package Library for the simulation of depressurisation and relief scenarios. It includes models for advanced depressurisation (rate-based multiphase and multiple wall models), advanced relief (isentropic flow methods) and flare networks (multiple wall pipes with choking prediction)
Water treatment
gML:Water Activated Sludge All necessary models for dynamic modelling of Activated Sludge processes: tanks, settlers, aeration system (including blowers, valves, pipes, PID models), pre-defined and customisable biological models, pH and corresponding equilibrium calculation, influent model
Data-driven modelling
gML:Data Driven Modelling Library for the simulation of hybrid models containing a data-driven element


PSE provides flexible licensing options, including library ‘Multipacks’.

gML Multipack 1 Combines Basics, Signal, Flow Transportation and Heat Exchange libraries. Pre-requisite for other libraries (supplied as part of the base product)
gML Multipack 2 Combines Reaction and Separations – Fluid-Fluid libraries to provide the essential process engineering tools (supplied as part of the base product)

Create your own…

In addition to the options listed above, it is possible to incorporate your own or third-party model libraries – created using the custom modelling capability – within the gPROMS Process environment.

These can be used together with gML and AMLs, provided they conform to various standards such as stream structure.

More Information
The gPROMS AML:FBCR allows us to improve the performance of industrial reactors using our catalysts significantly

Surfactant and water molecule representations

Multiscale modelling of catalytic reactors – from micron-scale catalyst pore to metre-scale industrial reactor

PSE’s Advanced Model Libraries (AMLs) are the world’s leading tools of their kind, and provide unprecedented accuracy of modelling.