gPROMS Process

The next generation of flowsheeting tools

At a time when computer software is evolving rapidly, much of the process simulation software on the market is substantially the same as that used 20 or 30 years ago.

gPROMS Process is a next-generation flowsheeting tool that is transforming the way the process industries design and operate plants.

gPROMS Process: Advanced Process Simulation

In contrast with the traditional process flowsheet tools used by many companies, gPROMS Process is the first of a new generation of Advanced Process Simulation tools.

gPROMS Process’s ability to create value through advanced applications is based on the many new features and capabilities that simplify engineering workflows, speed up innovation and help create competitive advantage.

So how does gPROMS Process differ from existing process simulation tools? In many different ways …

Support for the complete workflow

gPROMS Process supports the complete process workflow from basic design calculations based on steady-state mass and energy balances, to steady-state rating calculations, all the way to dynamic modelling of processes and their control systems.

World-leading model libraries

From the gPROMS Model Libraries with their common process operations, through the specialist reaction, adsorption and membranes libraries, to the ultra-high-fidelity Advanced Model Libraries that are leaders in their class, robust, quality-assured models provide an unequalled off-the-shelf capability for engineers.

Steady-state and dynamic in the same environment

gPROMS Process supports steady-state and dynamic modelling with easy transition between them – meaning that you can seamlessly move between the two modes without having to change software environments or re-enter data.

Powerful optimization facilities

gPROMS Process’s unrivalled optimization capabilities allow you to optimize whole process flowsheets involving tens of decision variables. This means that you can perform whole-plant optimization to come up with truly optimial process design and operations.

Powerful custom modelling

gPROMS Process’s Custom Modelling option allows you to construct new process models easily, using all the power of the gPROMS platform to capture and deploy valuable corporate knowledge in an easily-maintainable form.

Mixed integer optimization

gPROMS Process’s unique mixed integer optimization capability allows you to include discrete decisions (for example, optimal distillation feed tray locations or number of stages, or process routing decisions) within optimization runs.

Equation-oriented solution power

The gPROMS platform’s true equation-oriented architecture provides the solution speed and robustness for solving the largest simulation and optimization problems, enabling a new generation of advanced applications

gSAFT advanced thermodynamics

In addition to standard physical properties options, gPROMS Process contains gSAFT advanced themodynamics – a next-generation tool for accurate prediction of pure component and mixture data for non-ideal components such as electrolytes and polymers– even when little or no experimental data is available.

World-leading reaction models

PSE’s world-leading catalytic reaction models are now available as part of gPROMS Process. These provide a multi-scale design and analysis capability from catalyst pore (micron scale) to industrial equipment (metre scale) within a flowsheeting environment for the first time, for truly optimal design.

Sophisticated recycle handling

gPROMS Process has sophisticated new facilities – resulting from many years’ research – allow rapid and robust convergence of flowsheets with multiple interacting of mass and energy recycles. these open the door to rapid analysis and true optimization of processes such as air separation units (ASUs).

What does this mean?

These features are not just ‘nice-to-haves’. They are the enablers for a whole set of advanced applications that help process industry organisations to capture corporate knowledge and create competitive advantage in ways that have never been possible before.

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gPROMS Process:
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Detailed reactor, library flowsheet and custom models

Whole-plant optimization framework