gPROMS Refinery Fouling Manager

Monitor, manage and optimise fouling in oil refineries

As fouling occurs in heat exchanger networks, costs and greenhouse gas emissions rise and reliability drops. Many refineries have no active maintenance strategy or systems to manage fouling and minimise its economic impact.

gPROMS Refinery Fouling Manager is a sophisticated new tool for online monitoring, management and optimisation of refinery preheat train operation.

It continuously monitors network performance to predict fouling, determine optimal cleaning schedules, optimise the split flows between parallel trains and provide early warning on problems, saving millions of dollars per year.

How does it work?

Fouling Manager is a tool for operations, maintenance and engineering teams. It provides online monitoring, management and optimisation of refinery preheat train operation to minimise your operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Fouling Manager continually monitors performance to identify which exchangers need maintenance. It reports the costs and CO2 emissions that can be saved for each action.
Fouling Manager can immediately identify whether an exchanger is not performing as it should for whatever reason – bypass, low pumparound flow, tube failure or blockage, excessive fouling – and flag this to operations.

Fouling Manager allows you to:

  • Continuously monitor heat exchanger network performance
  • Predict fouling and required cleaning schedule
  • Extend turnaround times
  • Determine which exchangers need to be cleaned and when
  • Optimise split flows
  • Provide early warning on problems, tube failure, blockage, excessive fouling
  • Minimise costs


PSE supplies Fouling Manager as a gPROMS Operational Excellence Solution. Our team will configure the heat exchanger network model, tune it to your data where required, link it to your plant DCS or historian, implement Fouling Manager on site, and perform all required handovers and training.

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