gPROMS FormulatedProducts

Optimising solids process design and operation

gPROMS FormulatedProducts's solids processing libraries are used to accelerate the development of new processes and the optimisation of existing processes whilst reducing technology risk.

PSE's industry-leading advanced process modelling technology enables managers, engineers and scientists to gain better knowledge and a deeper understanding of their processes than they can using conventional tools.

This helps them to make better decisions more quickly and with greater certainty, to enhance process design and operation, facilitate innovation, reduce R&D costs, operating costs and CAPEX and increase throughput.


gSOLIDS overview

PSE's industry-leading solids process modelling software is easy to use without compromising on model accuracy and fidelity. It is primarily aimed at domain experts, engineers and scientists, who are not necessarily modelling experts, enabling them to make better and safer decisions about the development and operation of their processes.

In addition to the basic, steady-state models available in general solids process modelling tools, the solids processing capabilities provide dynamic, high-fidelity models and advanced model validation, process optimisation and custom modelling capabilities.

This facilitates a wide range of steps in the workflow for optimising design and operation of solids processes: identifying dominant mechanisms, estimating model parameters that allow extrapolation of knowledge, investigation of batch vs continuous operation, process scale-up and optimisation of process operation at the manufacturing scale.

gSOLIDS benefits


PSE has a team of over 20 mostly PhD level engineers who offers extensive services in relation to gSOLIDS:

  • Training
  • Support
  • Collaborative development
  • Development of proprietary models
  • Turnkey consulting projects for data processing, process design and optimisation of operation

Our extensive training and support options enable our customers to progress in their projects and to achieve their goals in the most efficient manner. We also provide expert services to help our customers meet their specific needs through collaborative model development and model-based consulting solutions and analyses reports.


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