gPROMS FormulatedProducts

Product sheet

gPROMS FormulatedProducts® is supplied with the following standard features and options:

Code Standard product & options Included Options Description
Notes [1] [2]
gSW-2400 gPROMS FormulatedProducts base functionality Integrated modelling and optimization platform for formulated product design and manufacture for Pharmaceuticals, Food & Consumer products
Platform components
gSW-0110 Flowsheet Construction & Modification Graphical definition and editing of process flowsheets
gSW-0120 Custom Modelling Custom modelling option for first principles model development
gSW-0200 Activity: Simulation (steady-state and dynamic) Steady-state and dynamic simulation activity
gSW-0210 Activity: Optimization (steady-state and dynamic) Steady-state and dynamic (including mixed-integer) optimization
gSW-0220 Activity: Parameter Estimation Estimate model parameters from experimental data, with statistical analysis of significance
gSW-0230 Activity: Experiment Design Use optimization techniques to determine the optimal next experiment
gSW-0240 Activity: Global System Analysis Systematically explore the effect of uncertainty in input variables on output variables (e.g. KPIs)
gSW-0300 Export to gPROMS Objects Export models in encrypted form for use with gPROMS Objects (e.g. gO:RUN)
gSW-0310 Custom Model Library Management IP protection and licence management of gPROMS model libraries
gSW-0400 gPROMS High Performance Computing Enable the use of multiple processors for parallel execution (selected activities)
gSW-0500 Hybrid Multizonal gPROMS/CFD Interface gPROMS-CFD Hybrid Multizonal interface
Physical properties
gSW-0830 gSAFT SAFT VR SW and SAFT-? Mie (group contribution) advanced thermodynamics
gSW-0832 gSAFT Custom Databank Management Software tools for managing custom gSAFT databanks
gSW-0860 Multiflash gPROMS Multiflash physical properties package interfaced to the gPROMS Platform
gSW-0869 Multiflash – DIPPR AIChE DIPPR databank for use with gPROMS Multiflash Properties
Model libraries
gSW-2401 gFP Multipack 1: Crystallization gSW-2432, gSW-2432, gSW-2440 & gSW-2441
gSW-2431 gFP:Crystallizer – Well mixed MSMPR crystallizer for batch and continuous operation and supersaturation generated by cooling, anti-solvent addition, reaction or evaporation
gSW-2432 gFP:Crystallizer – Plug flow MSMPR crystallizer for batch and continuous operation and supersaturation generated by cooling, anti-solvent addition, reaction or evaporation
gSW-2440 gFP:Wet Mills Well-mixed wet mill with a constant or dynamic volume, incorporating breakage and growth / dissolution
gSW-2450 gFP:Drying Psychrometric dryer, single droplet drying kinetics and fluid bed dryer
gSW-2451 gFP:Spray Drying Spray dryer with evolution of droplet/particle size distribution, uniform vapour conditions, multi-component solvents
gSW-2462 gFP:Blenders – Continuous Convection-dispersion models of horizontal and vertical blenders with adhesion to blender surfaces and fluctuating levels (vertical blender)
gSW-2470 gFP:Dry Mills Mill and screen (classifying) mill, accounting for breakage using one of several kernels
gSW-2481 gFP:Granulation – High Shear Wet Dynamic high shear wet granulation with detailed models for creation of wet granulate phase, evolution of granule liquid content, granule growth and reduction in granule porosity
gSW-2482 gFP:Granulation – Roller Compaction Dynamic dry granulation with detailed models for creation of compacted ribbon between rotating cylinders and accounting for side seal leakage, material compressibility and friction properties and springback
gSW-2483 gFP:Granulation – Twin Screw Dynamic twin screw wet granulation compartmental model with configurable screw elements
gSW-2500 gFP:Tabletting Steady-state tablet compaction model and dynamic convection-dispersion model of the feed frame with adhesion to surfaces.
gSW-2501 gFP:Tablet Coating Steady-state film coater model for predicting target operating conditions for optimization, scale-up and robustness studies
gSW-2510 gFP:Oral Absorption Prediction of oral absorption performance in the human gastrointestinal tract as a function of product formulation and drug substance properties, patient physiology and ingestion conditions
gSW-2515 gFP:In-vitro Dissolution/Precipitation Generic in vitro dynamic vessel model for dissolution and precipitation (e.g. USP II and ASD) as a function of the experimental system, operating procedure, product formulation and drug substance properties
gSW-2520 gFP:Pharmacokinetics Single, two and three compartment models characterising the pharmacokinetics in the body of an externally administered drug substance
gSW-2581 gFP:Solar Pond Evaporation Dynamic solar evaporation pond models for salt production and harvesting based on thermodynamic properties of electrolyte solutions and climate data, including downstream models for leaching reactors and drainage heaps


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  2. Recommended options

Licence basis

The following licence types are available:

  • Concurrent user – Site-wide (default)
  • Concurrent user – Region-wide
  • Concurrent user – Worldwide