gPROMS FormulatedProducts

Features & advantages

gPROMS FormulatedProducts® contains many features for Active Ingredient Manufacture, Product manufacture and product performance.

Mechanistic models

gPROMS FormulatedProducts contains models for all of the operations and activities listed below.

Synthesis and Crystallization
Well-mixed reactor
Plug flow reactor
Well-mixed crystallizer
Plug flow crystallizer
Wet mill
Pressure filter
Filter dryer
Solids Processing
Dry mill
Roller compactor
High shear wet granulator
Twin screw granulator
Fluid-bed granulation
2D pop balance granulation framework
Fluid-bed drying
Spray drying
Hot melt extruder
Tablet press
Tablet coater
Continuous blenders
Film coater
Bin flow / segregation
Product Performance
In-vitro dissolution and precipitation
Oral absorption in GI tract
Axial flow chromatography
Simulated moving bed chromatography
Membrane filtration

The models are logically grouped into the libraries shown on the gPROMS FormulatedProducts product sheet

Global System Analysis capabilities

Explore and quantify the effects of uncertainty, for example in raw materials quality, using Global System Analysis techniques.

Data import tool

The gPROMS FormulatedProducts data import tool allows you to import a data file of any form.

Through this interface, you can open your data file, select data, and link it to your gPROMS variables.

You can also do some data processing and filtering, like only accepting data from certain time points, smoothing your data, or removing outliers.

Once you’re finished, you can export this to gPROMS to create the performed experiment entity. You can also create templates for this, so if your data always comes in a certain format, you only need to go through this process once.