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Integrated digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes

gPROMS FormulatedProducts is PSE's newly-launched modelling platform for the integrated digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes. 

It enables scientists and engineers to screen formulations with complex phase structures for quality attributes, determine whether they can be manufactured robustly, and explore the design space for the whole formulation and manufacturing chain.

gPROMS FormulatedProducts Environment

Formulation, manufacture, performance

gPROMS FormulatedProducts single integrated platform

Advanced design & optimisation

gPROMS FormulatedProductsTM is an advanced mechanistic process modelling tool, integrating crystallization, solids processing and oral absorption on a single platform, in a systems-based approach that links product performance to process and formulation parameters. Users can screen formulations for end-user attributes, identify risk factors and optimise the entire formulation and manufacturing chain.

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Developed with industry partners

industry partner pharmaceutical reactor

Applied science to accelerate innovation

In developing gPROMS FormulatedProducts PSE has worked closely with our partners in the Systems-based Pharmaceutics Alliance and industrial and academic partners in major R&D collaborations such as ADDoPT, C-SOPS, CMAC, D3P and REMEDIES. This has resulted in a tool based on state-of-the-art science that can address practical challenges.

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gCRYSTAL crystallization module

gcrystal crystallization module

Robust & efficient crystallization processes

The gCRYSTAL module provides a mechanistic framework for crystallization modelling. It has a range of models, from crystallizers and wet mills to controllers, instrumentation models and handy comparison tools. Users can confidently design, scale-up, optimise and operate crystallizers and crystallization processes.

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gSOLIDS solids processing module

gsolids solids processing module

Flexible & reliable solids processes

The gSOLIDS module is an advanced process modelling tool for process engineers and scientists. It has a range of integrated steady-state and dynamic models for classification, control, drying, size change, storage and transportation and tableting. Users can easily design flexible and reliable solids processes, scale-up, identify process bottlenecks, reduce the risk of fouling and perform optimisation with multiple decision variables.

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gCOAS oral absorption module

gcoas oral absorption module

A new standard in preclinical simulation

The gCOAS oral absorption module is an analysis tool for prediction of drug absorption in the human intestine as a function of product formulation parameters and ingestion conditions. Developed in cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies, it provides formulation scientists with a tool to easily and quickly screen new formulations, with the ultimate objective of designing a good dosage form.

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Consulting & support

Consulting and support services - PSE Formulated Products

Work with our modelling experts

Modelling formulated products and their manufacturing processes can be a challenging task. That is why our consultants are both modelling and domain experts, often specialising in one of our main areas such as crystallization, spray drying, granulation, oral absorption and more. Understanding your problems quickly, we can advise you both on software and model implementation, helping you progress without delay.

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