The gPROMS product family

Advanced process modelling tools for the process industries

PSE supplies a family of products and solutions for different types of application, all built on the gPROMS Advanced Process Modelling platform.

Because all products are built on a single common platform, they provide a consistent user experience, with interoperable components where appropriate. Optional platform components such as custom modelling and parameter estimation are available from within most products.

General-purpose environments

The following environments are used for vapour-liquid and solids process modelling for virtually any type of process.

gPROMS ProcessBuilder logo

gPROMS ProcessBuilder is an advanced process simulation tool for flowsheeting-based process design and operational optimisation.

gSOLIDS logo

gSOLIDS is a flowsheeting environment for optimising design and operation of batch, semi-batch and continuous solids processes.

gPROMS ModelBuilder is the world's leading advanced process modelling environment for creation, validation and execution of high-fidelity mathematical process models.





Domain-specific bundles

The following bundles package various capabilities within the gPROMS ProcessBuilder or gPROMS FormulatedProducts environments for users with specialist requirements. They make full use of the gPROMS platform’s modelling & solution power.

gCCS is the world's first whole-chain CCS systems modelling environment. It provides steady-state and dynamic modelling of whole or part CCS chains from power generation through CO2 capture, compression and transport to injection.


gCRYSTAL is an environment for optimising of crystallization process design and operations. It includes facilities for creating custom crystallization kinetic models and estimating parameters from experimental data.


gFUELCELL provides high-fidelity steady-state and dynamic models for optimising design and operation of low-temperature PEMFC, high-temperature PEMFC and SOFC fuel cell stack and system components.

gCOAS is an analysis tool for prediction of drug absorption in the human intestine under different drug substance and product formulations or ingestion conditions.


gPROMS Embedded Applications

gPROMS Embedded Applications (gEAs) embed model-based applications within plant planning and automation systems in order to provide accurate monitoring and optimisation information to plant personnel.

gPROMS Utilities is a comprehensive suite of tools for engineering, planning and real-time operational optimisation of plant utilities systems.


PSE-internal tools

PSE uses the following products for delivery of services in Oil & Gas and wastewater treatment.

gFLARE provides high-fidelity dynamic modelling of flare networks and depressurisation for safety analysis and safety system design.

gWATER is an advanced environment for optimisation of wastewater treatment systems based on high-fidelity treatment process models.

Physical properties – advanced thermodynamics

PSE supplies a range of physical property options, including the gSAFT advanced thermodynamics engine, which can be used within most of the gPROMS family products

gSAFT logo

gSAFT is an advanced thermodynamics tool for accurate prediction of pure component properties and mixture behaviour of non-ideal chemical components and systems.





Model delivery tools – single execution

The gPROMS Objects allow models developed using gPROMS family products to be executed within other widely-used software environments. This provides users with the full benefits of gPROMS modelling while adhering to corporate standards.

gO:Run is an execution-only environment for running gPROMS models behind MS Excel®, VBA or similar interfaces. Options include simulation, optimisation and parameter estimation.

gO:CAPE-OPEN allows execution of gPROMS unit operation models in CAPE-OPEN compliant simulators such as ASPEN PLUS® or PRO/II® [Microsoft Windows® only].


gO:MATLAB provides the ability to execute gPROMS models in The Mathworks MATLAB® for control system design and other analysis.

gO:CFD allows execution of gPROMS models of homogeneous reaction within a single CFD cell in ANSYS FLUENT® and CD Adapco’s STAR-CD®. Optional bundles are available for parallelised execution.

Model delivery tools – enterprise solutions

gE:Web Enterprise Web Publishing Solution is a package of web-based front-end and web execution engine components that enable organisations to deliver the power of gPROMS models to create value across the enterprise.







Unless otherwise indicated, all gPROMS family products are supplied on an annual simultaneous-user network licence basis, and are available for 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows® and Linux platforms. Products in italics indicate optional features.

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