PSE provides a suite of process-specific Digital Applications for monitoring, soft-sensing, optimizing and general operations support of process plants, based on high-fidelity process models.

Process-specific Digital Applications are constructed using PSE’s generic digital applications building blocks, as shown in in the diagram below.

Digital Applications suite

The current set of building blocks comprises:

Long-term equipment monitoring and forecasting

This uses historic and current plant data to accurately track the change in process parameters such as catalyst activity, heat transfer coefficients, etc. Up-to-date parameters can be used with projected plant operational scenarios to forecast, for example, catalyst changeover, furnace end-of-run and similar information that can be used to optimize maintenance schedules.


Soft-sensors use real-time plant data in conjunction with the high-fidelity process model to predict KPIs in real time, for use in monitoring or control. The use of soft-sensors can significantly improve visibility of key aspects of process operation, and improve minute-by-minute control of product quality.

Real-time optimization

The up-to-date plant model is used with current operating data to optimize current operations. This can add significant value every day.

Non-linear model-predictive control

Dynamic plant models are used with current plant operating data to maximize yield during normal operation and grade change, providing optimal set-points to regulatory controller and APC systems while ensuring that equipment, process and product quality constraints are observed.

Technology credentials

PSE’s Digital Applications take full advantage of the powerful gPROMS platform, renowned for its ability to solve large-scale high-fidelity models rapidly enough to run online applications such as optimization.

Digital Applications are all built on the gPROMS Digital Applications Platform (gDAP), an integrated framework for robust implementation of high-fidelity models online.


PSE supplies the Process-specific Digital Applications as turnkey solutions. We discuss your requirements, build the models, configure the gDAP implementation, link gDAP with plant data and deliver the solution via a programme of Factory and Site Acceptance Tests.

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