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A single unified platform for high-value applications

PSE provides a family of advanced process modelling products and solutions all built on a single, unified modelling and solution platform – the gPROMS platform.

The gPROMS platform provides all the essential functionality – drag & drop flowsheeting, first-principles custom modelling, parameter estimation, global system analysis tools, and most important, a powerful optimisation framework that allows you to seek optimal solutions directly rather than by trial-and-error simulation.

Environments & components

There are three major environments: gPROMS ProcessBuilder, gPROMS FormulatedProducts and gPROMS ModelBuilder.

The core environment you start with depends on your specific modelling needs:

gPROMS ProcessBuilder logo

gPROMS ProcessBuilder is an advanced process flowsheeting simulator for optimising process design and operation of primarily vapour-liquid processes.

gPROMS FormulatedProducts logo

gPROMS FormulatedProducts is an integrated environment for design & optimisation of formulated products & their manufacturing processes, primarily for particulate processes.

gPROMS ModelBuilder logo

gPROMS ModelBuilder is an advanced process modelling environment for expert modellers to build, validate and execute steady-state and dynamic custom process model libraries.

The gPROMS platform

The gPROMS platform provides the essential underlying functionality – for example, drag & drop flowsheeting, first-principles custom modelling, optimisation – for all PSE products.

Having selected a core environment, you can then add any appropriate functionality from the components listed below.

Additional components – as you need them

You can add any of a range of platform functionality, model libraries, additional physical property options and other utilities to the core environments as you require:

Model libraries

State-of-the-art libraries of steady-state and dynamic models, including:

Platform functionality

Advanced platform functionality (if not included in the core environment), including:

Physical properties

A wide range of physical properties options, including:

  • KBC multiflash
  • PSE's gSAFT advanced thermodynamics
  • OLI systems' OLI
  • CAPE-OPEN properties
  • Property and binary interaction databanks – for example, DIPPR


Utilities and execution environments, including:

  • Links to CFD tools in various ways, for example the multizonal CFD interface
  • Toolkits for implementing gPROMS models behind custom interfaces (MS Excel, web)
  • The gPROMS toolkit for Embedded Applications, for online execution within automation systems
  • The gPROMS Objects for execution within MATLAB, CAPE-OPEN environments, etc.

You can find out more about platform functionality under the gPROMS platform. Other capabilities are described in more details in their respective sections.

Example: gPROMS ProcessBuilder

The core gPROMS ProcessBuilder environment is shown below:

gPROMS ProcessBuilder environment

ProcessBuilder provides everything you would expect from a flowsheeting environment. However, unlike traditional process simulators, you can easily add libraries to deal with, for example, water treatment or utilities optimisation, or capabilities such as custom modelling.

An key advantage is that the equation-oriented functionality and sophisticated optimisation and global system analysis facilities of the underlying gPROMS platform make possible a range of new high-value applications such as whole-plant or multi-site optimisation.

Do you have a specific requirement?

The gPROMS family products bundle various platform and library components to provide easy-to-use environments for engineers and operations personnel with more specific requirements.

These are aimed at specialists working in areas such as, for example, crystallization, solids processing, water treatment, fuel cell development and oilfield optimisation. All of the functionality of the domain bundles can be delivered within the core environments if preferred.

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