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2 April 2014

PSE previews gCCS whole-chain CCS system modelling tool-kit

New enabling technology to accelerate commercialisation and manage technology risk

LONDON, 2 April 2014 --- Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), the Advanced Process Modelling company, provided a preview of the company’s forthcoming gCCS systems modelling environment for whole-chain carbon capture and storage (CCS) applications at the Advanced Process Modelling Forum in London today.

gCCS is intended to address many of the significant challenges to commercialisation arising from the fact that the design and operation of CCS systems needs to take into account the multiple interactions across the whole capture-transmission-storage chain, for multiple sources and multiple sinks. The complexity is compounded by the fact that different organisations are involved at each stage of the chain. Ultimately a single end-to-end modelling environment is required to support key business and technology decisions.

Alfredo Ramos, head of PSE’s Power & CCS business and leader of the development, said “Design and operating decisions at the power plant can have a significant effect on storage providers at the other end of the chain, and vice versa. This raises many complex questions which gCCS can help to answer. We believe that we bring unique enabling technology to the sector.”

The modelling environment includes comprehensive process models for conventional generation (pulverised coal and combined cycle gas turbine), new generation (gasification and oxyfuel), solvent-based carbon capture, compression, transmission and injection. During the current test phase it has been successfully applied to whole-chain (generation-to-injection) analysis using high-fidelity dynamic models, as well as full start-up and shut-down amine-based capture plants.

gCCS is the commercially-supported product arising from the Energy Technologies Institute commissioned and funded CCS Systems Modelling Tool-kit project, which is aimed at delivering a robust, fully integrated tool-kit that can be used by CCS stakeholders across the whole CCS chain. The ?3m ETI project was undertaken in collaboration with E.ON, EDF, Rolls-Royce, CO2DeepStore, PSE and E4tech.

The tool-kit and resulting gCCS product are implemented in PSE’s gPROMS advanced process modelling platform. The tool-kit is undergoing evaluation and testing with key CCS stakeholders, with the gCCS product scheduled for release in summer?2014.

Further information:
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