8 July 2014

PSE releases gPROMS v4.0 advanced process modelling software

Major upgrade brings “new league of value creation” for process industries

LONDON, 8 July 2014 --- Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), the Advanced Process Modelling company, today announced the release of v4.0 of its world-leading gPROMS advanced process modelling platform.

The platform is the foundation of the gPROMS family products, used by companies across the oil & gas, chemicals & petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and food sectors to create value through the application of high-fidelity process models. This helps reduce time-to-market for new processes or products, optimise process designs, enhance production, reduce capital and operating costs and manage technology risk.

v4.0 builds on gPROMS’s reputation for power, robustness and solution speed with a range of enhancements that include several industry firsts. The new platform features will appear in forthcoming releases of gPROMS products including gSOLIDS®, gCRYSTAL®, gCCS® and gFUELCELL®, with gPROMS ModelBuilder® v4.0 released today.

A sophisticated new ‘model pruning’ capability – a first for equation-oriented process modelling software –? automatically reduces the model being solved to the minimum required to produce the information requested by the user. This dramatically reduces computation time and memory requirements in many cases. Related enhancements include a much faster construction time for large models, which is now halved to the order of fractions of a second, as well as a 25% smaller memory footprint.

Costas Pantelides, CEO of PSE and architect of the gPROMS platform says “This is not just about getting results a little faster. This type of development is essential for process modelling to achieve its full potential – for example, application in whole-plant optimisation to deliver new value of the order of tens of millions of dollars over ‘already optimised’ processes.”

Usability and productivity enhancements include a flowsheet diagnostics panel, and a new help system. ?The v4.0 platform also contains extensive support for units of measurement, and Model Initialisation Procedures (MIPs) – another industry first – have been enhanced to help modellers achieve initial solutions rapidly and robustly.

Pantelides says “PSE’s mission is to bring fresh thinking, new ideas and powerful tools in every sector that we enter. With our ongoing R&D in developments such as MIPs, we move closer to realising industry’s long-held “Master Model” vision. This will move us into a new league of value creation in the process industries.”

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