20 July 2015

gPROMS ProcessBuilder is here!

Next-generation flowsheeting for the chemical process industries

Five years since the original design concept, and after three years of development and extensive beta testing by industrial users worldwide, we have just released the first official version of the gPROMS®ProcessBuilder® – arguably the first truly equation-oriented process flowsheeting tool.

It?s been a long journey but this is a big step forward for process modelling technology. For the past 30+ years, the process modelling community has held a simple (and largely justified) consensus view: equation-oriented tools have significant advantages in terms of supporting different types of calculation (e.g. dynamic simulation; both steady-state and dynamic optimisation), efficient handling of tightly integrated processes, ease of custom modelling and so on. But (and this was a big ?but?) equation-oriented technology could not match the general robustness and reliability of steady-state sequential modular software.

Over the last decade at PSE we have worked hard towards addressing this deficiency, with some fundamental R&D breakthroughs and many incremental improvements and enhancements in the gPROMS platform. The release of ProcessBuilder v1.0 is one outcome of these developments. We are looking forward to the feedback from all our users!

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