24 December 2015

gPROMS ModelBuilder v4.2 now available

Enhancements to flowsheeting, numerical power, usability and physical property handling

We are pleased to announce the release of gPROMS® ModelBuilder® v4.2.

gPROMS ModelBuilder is built on the new gPROMS platform v4.2, which contains many enhancements for flowsheeting users, increases in numerical power, usability enhancements and improvements in physical property handling.

Selected highlights of this release are:

  • A new DAE solver, DAEBDF, has been introduced for simulation activities. It offers improved robustness and significantly increased performance for many models.
  • The kernel performance has been increased by making the residual and Jacobian evaluation more efficient. This performance improvement can reduce CPU time by up to 30% for certain models at a small cost of slightly increased memory usage.
  • The responsiveness of the GUI has been improved, particularly within the opening of large flowsheets, launching of gPROMS activities, consistency checking and live propagation after edit operations.
  • The tool for choosing user-friendly names (PMA Chooser) has been extended to cover the graphical editors for schedules and tasks.
  • Saved Variable Sets (SVS) can now be more flexibly used for restoring variables that are distributed over ontinuous domains or sets of string names.
  • Multiflash has been upgraded to version 4.3.52, and the performance and robustness of the interface have been further improved.
  • gSAFT® has been upgraded to v3.1.0 with more methods and components.

More detail is provided in the release notes accessible from the gPROMS ModelBuilder installation. Installers for all supported platforms are available from the customer area.

[Download gPROMS ModelBuilder v4.2 for Windows and Linux]

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