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gPROMS FormulatedProducts: Introduction & Hands-on Training

gCRYSTAL: Enhancing Profitability of a Batch Crystallization Plant

Efficient characterisation, scale-up/down and optimization of solid formulations and their manufacturing processes

Batch crystallization processes can be optimized by changing the design and recipe for improved economics typically resulting from product quality improvement and/or batch time reduction. Advanced Process Modelling of crystallization processes (using gCRYSTAL) includes the ability to rigorously model crystallization mechanisms such as nucleation, growth and agglomeration and the resulting effect on critical quality attributes such as particle size distribution. Therefore, gCRYSTAL can be beneficially applied in enhancing the profitability of a batch crystallization process.


The course is aimed at process developers/engineers and crystallization scientists, who are interested in quickly and effectively applying advanced crystallization modelling for process optimization, scale-up, and accelerating R&D.


Using a typical industrial batch crystallization case, attendees will learn and apply the concepts behind PSE's approach to crystallization process modelling for profitability improvement in R&D, scale-up/down and plant operation. The one-day course combines tutorials and hands-on problem solving sessions. By the end of the course, participants will know how to:

  • simulate a batch crystallization process model of an industrial scale crystallizer and explore the effect of critical process parameters on key product quality attributes
  • scale-down a plant model and configure lab experiments in gCRYSTAL
  • carry out crystallization kinetic parameter estimation for active mechanisms to tune and validate the process model so that it accurately represents the system
  • carry out model verification and parameter sensitivity analysis
  • transfer kinetics estimated from lab scale to plant scale
  • optimize plant recipe to reduce PSD span.
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