Digitalization is providing the dairy industry with a holistic approach that transforms and optimizes the entire value chain into an integrated lifecycle. The dairy industry today faces challenges such as high product quality demand and cost pressure, fast changing consumer demands, increasing variety of products and recipes, global and regional regulatory compliance, and a global setup with distributed plants. Dairy processors experience these challenges acutely and therefore strive to ensure they have speed in their product innovations, flexibility in their manufacturing strategy, efficiency in their operations and a high quality of products. Digitalization of dairy processing assets through predictive process digital twins offers a best-in-class way forward to address these challenges and needs. It enables dairy processors to stay competitive and grow their position in the market, particularly in high growth areas such as whey processing and infant formula.

In this webinar, we will overview the challenges and needs of the dairy industry and discuss how these can be met through digitalization of dairy manufacturing assets with predictive process digital twins. We will discuss how leading dairy organizations are using process digital twins in gPROMS Formulated Products to drive innovation and how they are deploying these digital twins into manufacturing to realize multiple operational benefits day-to-day. Such organizations are adopting these approaches as a core part of their innovation and manufacturing strategy.

What this webinar covers

  • An overview of industrial challenges and needs of the dairy industry and Siemens PSE’s vision on how predictive process digital twins can drive innovation and manufacturing excellence within organizations.
  • Examples of how major dairy organizations are adopting these approaches to deliver value in both product & process innovation and manufacturing activities.
  • An overview of how Siemens PSE (and wider Siemens) can support organizations regarding predictive process digital twins.
  • An outlook for further webinars, training and engagement between Siemens PSE and the dairy industry in 2022.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals from the Food & Beverage industry, although those from other industries are very welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • Decision makers with an interest in understanding how predictive process digital twins can drive innovation and/or manufacturing excellence, and the associated benefits, within their organizations.
  • Subject matter experts (whether modellers or non-modellers) in roles spanning R&D, engineering, and operations in the Food & Beverage industry.


Dr Sam K. Wilkinson
Dr Sam K. Wilkinson, Siemens Process Systems Engineering (SPSE)

Dr Sam K. Wilkinson is the Strategy Director for Food, Beverage and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FB-FMCG) based in the Formulated Products business unit at Siemens Process Systems Engineering Ltd. (SPSE). He obtained his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering in 2009 and his EngD in reaction kinetics in formulated industrial catalysts in 2014, both at the University of Birmingham, with the latter sponsored by Johnson Matthey.

Sam joined SPSE in 2017 and initially led the product development of reactors and separations unit operation models in the gPROMS FormulatedProducts software. In 2019 he began his current role where he focuses on strategic growth of SPSE business; developing and positioning industry solutions and building collaborations within the FB-FMCG industries.