The Food & Beverage industries face many common challenges, such as the rapid innovation of new products, the need to optimize operating margins of existing processes, and to demonstrate green initiatives and credentials. Process modelling solutions meet and support these industry needs, providing better process understanding, higher quality assurance and process optimization. Being able to efficiently deploy these solutions to end-users is critical to ensure value is extracted. Siemens Process Systems Engineering’s (SPSE) gPROMS Web Applications Platform presents model-based decision-making tools in an easily accessible and user-friendly format through a web browser.

In this webinar, we will overview the industrial challenges in the Food & Beverage industries and discuss Siemens PSE’s vision on how web-based deployment of model-based solutions can support addressing them. We will be joined by Maykel Verschueren and Diana Carrero, R&D specialists from the Global Process Technology department at FrieslandCampina. They will explain how gPROMS, and the gPROMS Web Applications Platform in particular, are used within FrieslandCampina to facilitate the deployment of models developed by R&D experts by end users in supply chain. By using the gPROMS Web Applications Platform, model developers in R&D can easily transfer the knowledge captured in these models to end users without prior knowledge about gPROMS, which results in an increase in model deployment and related benefits. To illustrate the impact and benefits of this approach the presentation also includes a demo of a gPROMS Web Applications Platform model based on a gPROMS flowsheet model representing a typical heat treatment process.

What this webinar covers

  • An overview of industrial challenges in the Food & Beverage industries and Siemens PSE’s vision on how web-based deployment of model-based solutions can support addressing them.
  • A presentation from Maykel Verschueren, FrieslandCampina about the use of gPROMS and the gPROMS Web Applications Platform at FrieslandCampina
  • A demo of a gPROMS Web Applications Platform model based on a gPROMS flowsheet model representing a heat treatment process by Diana Carrero, FrieslandCampina.

Who should attend?

  • Individuals from the Food & Beverage industry, although those from other industries are very welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • Non-modellers in roles spanning R&D, engineering, and operations.
  • Experienced and expert modellers in technical roles in R&D and engineering with an interest in understanding how to deploy models to their wider organisation.
  • Decision makers with an interest in understanding how deployed model-based solutions can add value to their organisation.


14 October 2021, 10:00 EST/ 15:00 GMT


45 minutes plus Q&A


Diana Carrero
Diana Carrero, FrieslandCampina

Development Specialist in the R&D Process Technology department focused on preservation technologies. She supports internal knowledge growth in heating and preservation, and supports production locations on the integration of R&D knowledge into practical approach via data analysis and making models available to technologist via gWAP platform. She is gPROMS key user for heat treatment models, which includes support with model development and flowsheet development for supplier evaluation. She started working for FrieslandCampina in 2018 and before that she had experience as Process Engineer in Pharmaceutical Industry. She is PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) in Bioprocess Engineering from TUDelft.

Maykel Verschueren
Maykel Verschueren, FrieslandCampina

Maykel is a senior research specialist in the Global Process Technology group within FrieslandCampina’s R&D department. In his role he is responsible for the development and maintenance of the mechanistic model libraries developed at FrieslandCampina. He has a background in applied physics. After obtaining his PhD in 1999 at Eindhoven University of Technology he worked for NIZO food research until 2019, when he joined FrieslandCampina.

Guillermo Jimeno
Guillermo Jimeno, Siemens Process Systems Engineering (SPSE)

As the Web Application Director at Formulated Products, Siemens PSE, Guillermo coordinates and supervises web-deployment activities of gPROMS models; these efforts commonly begin with the configuration or development of a model for a particular process, which is later deployed as web application, followed by training sessions for future developers and users of the app. His responsibilities also involve tight collaboration with customers and SPSE’s development team, to ensure SPSE’s vision for the gPROMS Web Applications Platform aligns with industry needs. Guillermo joined SPSE 2019 as an applications engineer, where he supported customers in the utilization of SPSE model libraries for a wide range of applications, including reaction, crystallization, fluid bed drying, compaction and tabletting and in-vitro solubility analysis among others. He also delivered a number of consulting project and contributed to development efforts of SPSE model libraries. He is a chemical engineer by background with a PhD on computation fluid dynamics by Heriot-Watt University.