Digital Twin for Food & Beverage Webinar Series

Watch the recording of our 3-part webinar series for the Food & Beverage Industry

Digital Twin Vision for the Food & Beverage Industry

14 May, 15:00 BST/10:00 EDT

Speaker: Davide Piccioto - Digital Enterprise Leader, Consumer Products, Siemens

This Webinar will briefly introduce various Digital Twin concepts throughout the lifecycle but focus on the Performance Engineering for simulating the manufacturing processes. The succeeding two Webinars will then go into greater detail.

The disruptive nature of digitalization opens up new business opportunities and ways to satisfy customer requirements more efficiently. The concept of Digital Twins covers multiple areas across the Ideation, Realization and Utilization phases of the lifecycle of a product.

Shorten time to market , Increase flexibility, Improve quality, Increase efficiency

How can plant simulation help optimize your throughput?

Can virtual commissioning speed up bringing production on-line and with less waste?

Join us for this Webinar to find out and see how Siemens can help.


Achieve Process Efficiency with Advanced Fluid & Particle Dynamics Simulation in the Food & Beverage Industry

21 May, 15:00 BST/10:00 EDT

Speakers: Ravi Aglave - Director, Energy & Process, David Russ - Solution Consultant, Siemens

Digital transformation is a dominant trend in the process industries to address profitability and productivity goals. Advanced process modeling and simulation play a central role in both digital design and intelligent digital operations, by capturing deep process knowledge in a way that can be leveraged within Digital Twins to generate value over the lifetime of the process.

In the Food & Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods industries, digital twins of key processes—built from physics-based computational models—have been successfully used to address many of the challenges surrounding scale-up and troubleshooting, resulting in reduced operating costs across manufacturing and quality divisions.

If you would like to see examples of the benefits of deploying simulation: CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), DEM (Discrete Element Modeling) and multiscale problems coupling with Advanced Process Modeling in the Food & Beverage industry as well as other Consumer Packaged Goods, please join us for a complimentary webinar.

In this webinar, we will discuss how simulation can be used in process development from multiple aspects:

  • Fluid flow and hydrodynamic behavior, multiphase behavior
  • Particle flows, coupled fluid and particle flows
  • Reactions, crystallization, fermentation and other unit operations etc.

Achieve Process Efficiency with Advanced Process & Mechanistic Modeling in the Food & Beverage Industry

28 May, 15:00 BST/10:00 EDT

Speaker: Dr. Sam Wilkinson - Strategy Director, Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods, PSE

With gPROMS FormulatedProducts, manufacturing processes in the Food and Beverage industry can be optimally designed and operated with fewer resources and at a reduced risk. Process performance is improved through the rapid configuration, calibration and deployment of digital twins based on predictive sciences and data analytics. The benefits include delivery of safe, high quality products and also minimized operating costs, improved yields, reduced waste and the acceleration of innovation. Finally, gPROMS FormulatedProducts supports the full process lifecycle, providing solutions in research and development activities through to its use in commercial operations.

In this webinar, PSE’s mission for the Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods industries and solutions will be discussed with a focus on the dairy processing industry. The webinar will look at example dairy use cases where digital design and digital operation is adding significant value to major organizations.

What this webinar covers

  • PSE Formulated Products’ mission and vision for the Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods industries
  • Use of mechanistic model-based digital twins across R&D, Engineering and Operations
  • Model libraries including dairy industry manufacturing libraries
  • Collaborative ecosystem
  • PSE and NIZO’s Centre of Excellence for Food Product and Process Modeling
  • Industry use cases