The purpose of the webinar is to provide an understanding of how to build a Digital Process Twin of an industrial catalytic reactor and how to get the additional value from the model-based design and operational optimization.

Digital design approaches are rapidly replacing traditional experimentation and pilot-based techniques by using high-fidelity models to minimize experimentation time and reduce pilot plant investments. Hence, we aim to provide an understanding of the right tools and techniques needed to explore optimal catalyst and reactor design combination. The models are online digital twins of the process and offer the operator decision support on operations.

The webinar will go through case studies and the methodologies that have been applied successfully over many years to different fix bed catalytic reaction processes. It will be free to personnel from operating companies and engineering procurement companies.


  • Overview of gPROMS platform and gPROMS Process
    • Most advanced process modelling tool for optimising design and operation of process plants
  • Engineering
    • Advanced catalytic reactor design and optimization based on validated models
  • Operations
    • Taking detailed predicative models online – model-based digital applications


Dr. Stepan Spatenka
Dr. Stepan Spatenka, Director of the Catalytic Reactor Practice, PSE

Dr. Stepan Spatenka is the Director of the Catalytic Reactor Practice within PSE’s Energy and Chemeicals Business Unit. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. Stepan has 15 years’ experience in developing advanced reactor models and their applications to troubleshooting and optimization of chemical processes.

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60 minutes (45 mins + 15 mins Q/A)

Who should attend?

The webinar is aimed at research and development departments, technical services, catalyst producers and licensors. Currently, we are working with a number of clients including Total, Shell, Clariant and Johnson Matthey. It will provide a platform to learn from one of the industry’s modelling experts. A recording will be made available to all the registered attendees one day after the broadcast.