With gPROMS FormulatedProducts®, manufacturing processes in the dairy industry can be optimally designed and operated with fewer resources and at a reduced risk. Process performance is improved through the rapid configuration, calibration and deployment of digital twins based on predictive sciences and data analytics. The benefits include delivery of safe, high quality products and also minimized operating costs, improved yields, reduced waste and the acceleration of innovation. Finally, gPROMS FormulatedProducts supports the full process lifecycle, providing solutions in research and development activities through to its use in commercial operations.

In this webinar, PSE’s mission for the Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods industries and solutions will be discussed with a focus on the dairy processing industry. The webinar will look at example dairy use cases where digital design and digital operation is adding significant value to major organisations.

What this webinar covers

  • PSE Formulated Products’ mission and vision for the Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods Industries
  • Use of mechanistic model-based digital twins across R&D, Engineering and Operations
  • Model libraries including dairy industry manufacturing libraries
  • Collaborative ecosystem:
    • PSE and NIZO’s Centre of Excellence for Food Product and Process Modelling
  • Industry use cases


Dr Sam K. Wilkinson
Dr Sam K. Wilkinson, Strategy Director for Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods, Process Systems Enterprise

Dr Sam K. Wilkinson the Strategy Director for Food, Beverage and Consumer Goods based in the Formulated Products business unit at Process Systems Enterprise (PSE). He obtained his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering in 2009 and his EngD in reaction kinetics in formulated industrial catalysts in 2014, both at the University of Birmingham, with the latter sponsored by Johnson Matthey (JM).

Sam joined PSE in 2017 and initially led the product development of reactors and separations unit operation models in the gPROMS FormulatedProducts software. In 2019 he began his current role where he focuses on strategic growth of PSE business, developing and positioning industry solutions and building collaborations within the food, beverage and consumer goods industries.

More Information


45 minutes plus Q&A


Who should attend?

Those with an interest in digitalization in the dairy processing industry sector. The talk is relevant to those in R&D, process engineering, operation management, and researchers.