Cyclic separation processes are more important than ever to the chemical process industries. Gas-phase processes such as PSA, VSA and TSA enable air separation, hydrogen purification, CO2 capture and many other applications. Liquid-phase processes such as SMB and liquid chromatography create high value-added products.

The importance of cyclic separation processes creates a strong incentive for optimisation. However, these processes come with many challenges that have historically limited the ability to model and optimise them. Adsorption beds have spatially varying properties with both axial and radial variations. Flow reversals and complex operating procedures make cyclic separations inherently dynamic. Optimised equipment design and operating procedures are typically only meaningful at cyclic steady state. All of these challenges can now be addressed with advanced modelling.

This webinar will demonstrate high-fidelity modelling of cyclic separation processes using the gPROMS platform. The presentation will include application examples that show how modelling can help engineers understand system behaviour, reduce experiments, evaluate alternative processes and optimise the system.

What this webinar covers

  • Adsorption technology: adsorbent properties and types of industrial systems
  • Trends and challenges in cyclic separation process design
  • Example: Hydrogen purification with PSA
    • Developing a custom model from literature
    • Developing a complete flowsheet of mechanistic models
    • Simulating the pilot unit
    • Determining cyclic steady state and process performance
  • Example: Biomass to methanol using PSA
    • PSA unit sizing methodology
    • Scheduling the PSA cycle
    • Evaluating process performance to determine PSA unit sizing, adsorbent selection and overall system suitability


Prof Alírio Rodrigues Prof Alírio Rodrigues is an Emeritus Professor at the University of Porto. He created the research group that became the Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering (LSRE). He is an acknowledged expert in cyclic separations, having authored numerous publications and holding several relevant patents.
Dr Ana Mafalda Ribeiro Dr Ana Mafalda Ribeiro is an Associate Researcher at LSRE-LCM in the University of Porto. Her research interests include PSA, SMB and other cyclic separation processes.
Mayank Patel Mayank Patel is Head of Applications Engineering within the Energy and Chemicals business unit at Process Systems Enterprise. A Chemical Engineer with a degree from Imperial College London, Mayank supports Chemicals and Petrochemicals companies in the application of Advanced Process Modelling.

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