Digital approach to spray drying process design and operation


Spray drying is widely used across many industries to create diverse products with a broad scope of functionality such as detergents, food powders, ceramics and pharmaceuticals. By utilizing digital design tools alongside characterization experiments, efficiency can be achieved both in the design of the spray drying process as well as in the operation. This webinar will practically demonstrate the workflow that has been successfully utilised to achieve savings in the real world.

gPROMS FormulatedProducts provides a comprehensive approach to spray drying with a variety of models for both the simulation of the process as well as auxiliary units and for characterisation. Combined with powerful tools such as model validation and Global Systems Analysis (GSA), it has never been easier for users of different experience to benefit from a digital approach to spray drying. This webinar will demonstrate these tools and the workflow that has been utilized in past applications.

What this webinar covers

  • The advantages of adopting a digital approach
  • Details of gPROMS FormulatedProducts’ suite of spray drying models
  • Demonstration of the ideal workflow for applying a digital approach to spray drying process development and optimisation
    • Including model configuration, characterisation, model validation and GSA
  • Overview of some of the applications to date
  • Future outlook and possibilities


David Slade David Slade is a Principal Consultant and Practice Director in Formulation Manufacture of gPROMS FormulatedProducts. He has a PhD from the University of Leeds in Mechanical Engineering and is an expert in applying mechanistic modelling approaches for the digital design of solids processing. David has a background in spray dryer modelling and has applied this knowledge in many different applications across a number of industries.

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