From laboratory to industrial operation: Model-based digital design and optimization of fixed bed catalytic reactors


Digital design approaches are rapidly replacing traditional experimentation and pilot-based techniques in catalytic reactor design and operation.

The ‘lifecycle’ new approaches use validated high-fidelity models to minimise experimentation time and reduce or eliminate the need for pilot plants; explore the decision space rapidly to result in optimal catalyst and reactor design combinations; quantify and design out uncertainty and risk; and use the models as online digital twins to monitor and optimise operation and provide operator decision support.

This webinar provides a brief overview of the laboratory-to-industrial reactor approach, using workflows and methodologies that have been applied successfully over many years to many different fixed-bed catalytic reaction processes.

Topics covered

The webinar will cover the following topics:

  • R&D: From experiments to validated reaction set – using real-life data to improve model prediction
  • Engineering: Advanced catalytic reactor design based on validated models
  • Operations: Taking detailed predictive models online – model-based digital applications


Stepan Spatenka Stepan Spatenka

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