Webinar: Digital Design Series

Global system analysis: new tools to quantify the effects of uncertainty and manage risk

The main use of process simulation and modelling tools is to analyse "what-if" scenarios in order to improve process design and operation. Currently this is mostly done manually as a point activity, using repeated simulation runs. gPROMS’ global system analysis (GSA) represents new technology to systematically and comprehensively quantify the effect of uncertainty in the operation and design of chemical processes at large scale. It allows users to quickly and easily assess the impact of uncertainty in input factors on key outlet responses in a system in order to explore the design or operational space rapidly and effectively, reduce uncertainty, manage risk in process innovation and support investment decisions.

Topics covered

Topics will include:

  • Global System Analysis
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Results display
  • Applications from industry


Cristian Triana Cristian Triana is an Applications Engineer for Process Systems Enterprise. He obtained both his Bachelor and Master degrees from the National University of Colombia at Manizales. He has a PhD degree in chemical engineering from University College London. His research focused on the optimisation and heat integration of bioprocesses such as ethanol production from biomass.

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