Webinar: gPROMS FormulatedProducts

Digital design of robust formulated products and their manufacturing processes

gPROMS FormulatedProducts® is PSE's platform for the design and optimisation of formulated products and their manufacturing processes. It allows scientists and engineers to screen formulations for end-user attributes, determine whether they can be manufactured efficiently, and explore the design space of the whole formulation and manufacturing chain.

Building on the libraries previously available in gCRYSTAL, gSOLIDS, and gCOAS, FormulatedProducts introduces an ever expanding collection of interoperable models, including new model libraries for synthesis and fluid separation, filtration, film coating, and more.

This webinar will feature an overview of gPROMS FormulatedProducts and an update on new developments over the last 12 months, including a typical workflow for model development, validation, and application in the software interface.

Topics covered

  • gPROMS FormulatedProducts overview
  • Update on new library and platform developments
  • Video demo of a typical workflow in the software interface


Dana Barrasso Dr Dana Barrasso is a Senior Consultant in PSE’s Formulated Products team. Dana earned her PhD in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from Rutgers University. Her role as a primary architect of gPROMS FormulatedProducts has required a detailed understanding of end-to-end manufacturing processes and product performance science and the advanced process modeling tools that can be used to describe them.

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