gPROMS Utilities: Advanced utilities optimisation for process plants


Plants consume fuels, electricity and steam in time-varying quantities, and via multiple routes. The process plants themselves can generate steam and fuels, electricity can be sold to the grid and the prices of the various components can change hourly. Added to this complexity are day-to-day changes in major equipment availability.

PSE’s gPROMS Utilities suite helps find a way through the maze by applying rigorous optimisation technology to process models of the utility system, taking into account demands, prices and availability, to find the economically optimal operating profile for any situation.

Rapid and robust solution makes it possible to find better optima - and hence more savings - than existing solutions, and to present operators with a choice of actions.

Topics covered

In this webinar you will learn more about:

  • The challenges facing site managers
  • The advanced optimisation technology behind gPROMS Utilities
  • gPROMS Utilities Advisor and Planner environments for monitoring and optimising site operation
  • How to construct robust Utilities models in gPROMS ProcessBuilder
  • Easy configuration steps for creating Utilities models and operational environments for optimising their operation
  • Demonstrations of real world application


Mariana Marques Mariana Marques is an Applications Engineer at PSE. She has an M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal.


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