Webinar: Catalytic reactor design and analysis


Careful design of catalytic reactors, the workhorses of the chemicals industry, can reduce both the cost and risk associated with new designs, as well as reduce ownership costs significantly through better catalyst performance. This webinar shows how it is now possible to perform detailed design of multitubular reactors taking into account multi-scale effects - from catalyst pore to industrial reactor scale - within a flowsheeting simulator environment.

Topics covered

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Why high-fidelity reactor models help quantify and reduce uncertainty in reactor design
  • How multi-scale models are used to assess the effects of catalyst choices on plant performance
  • How model-targeted experimentation and parameter estimation can help reduce the cost of experimentation
  • How model-based reactor design optimisation helps maximise production and reduce costs


Bart de Groot Bart de Groot is a Principal Applications Engineer for Process Systems Enterprise. He has a M.Sc. from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Bart has more than 9 years experience providing model-based solutions to the process industries.
Cristian Triana Cristian Triana is an Applications Engineer for Process Systems Enterprise. He obtained both his Bachelor and Master degrees from the National University of Colombia at Manizales. He has a PhD degree in chemical engineering from University College London. His research focused on the optimisation and heat integration of bioprocesses such as ethanol production from biomass.


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