gPROMS Process is a next-generation Advanced Process Modelling environment for optimising the design and operation of process plants. gPROMS Process combines industry-leading steady-state and dynamic models with all the power of the gPROMS equation-oriented modelling, analysis and optimisation platform in an easy-to-use process flowsheeting environment.

Built on the new gPROMS Platform 5.0, Process's real predictive power enables you to explore the process decision space rapidly and make better, faster and safer design and operating decisions.

This webinar will show how gPROMS Process is transforming the way the process industries design and operate by unlocking new value and competitive advantage in 'already optimised' processes.

Topics covered

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • What is now possible in terms of model-based optimisation of design and operation
  • Illustration of key capabilities with application examples:
    • Rapid and robust solution of systems with complex recycles – global system analysis of a cryogenic air separation unit
    • Detailed reactor design – integrating catalytic reactors within a whole-plant flowsheet
    • Whole plant optimisation – design of a styrene monomer plant
    • Solving complex dynamics within a standard flowsheeting package – pressure swing adsorption
    • and more…
  • Key gPROMS Process platform features
    • Steady-state and dynamic model libraries
    • Optimisation framework including mixed-integer optimisation
    • Global system analysis


Mayank Patel is a Senior Applications Engineer at Process Systems Enterprise. A Chemical Engineer with a degree from Imperial College London, Mayank supports Chemicals and Petrochemicals companies in the application of Advanced Process Modelling.



45 minutes plus Q&A


gPROMS Process

Who should attend?

The presentation is aimed at technical management and process engineers from the chemicals and petrochemicals industry.