Systems-based Pharmaceutics (SbP) is a holistic approach to the development and optimization of drug manufacture and drug delivery. It applies mechanistic models verified against experimental data to increase R&D efficiency (making better use of PAT), perform smarter and faster tech transfer (fewer large scale trials) and ultimately design optimal processes using an industrially validated systems approach. This webinar presents how Systems-based Pharmaceutics is transforming pharmaceutical process development and how it will continue doing so in future.

Topics covered

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The Systems-based Pharmaceutics vision
  • How industry and academia are collaborating to make this vision a reality: SbP Alliance, D3P, REMEDIES and ADDoPT
  • Industrial case studies illustrating use of systems approaches in drug substance manufacture, drug product manufacture and in-vitro / in-vivo drug product performance
  • Progress to date and roadmap with respect to SbP vision
  • How you can contribute to and benefit from realising this vision


Sean Bermingham
Sean Bermingham, VP Formulated Products, PSE

Sean Bermingham is VP Formulated Products at PSE and Chair of the SbP Joint Steering Committee. Sean works closely with industrial and academic partners to realise the SbP vision and demonstrate its value. He is a Chemical Engineer with a PhD in crystallization from Delft University of Technology and an Executive MBA from Imperial College London.

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45 minutes


Who should attend?

The presentation will be of use to technical managers, scientists and engineers in the Life Sciences industry interested in breaking down barriers both within their organisations and across the industry.

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Systems-based Pharmaceutics

Systems-based Pharmaceutics has progressed to Phase 2