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APMF 2017 presentation downloads

Chelsea Harbour Hotel
25–26 April 2017 – Main event

Tuesday 25 April – Day One

General session – Introduction and keynotes

Welcome & introduction

Richard Tinsdeall, Chief Commercial Officer, PSE

[RESTRICTED] Keynote 2: How digital design approaches are changing the pharmaceuticals industry

Brian Henry, Vice President, Drug Product Design, Pfizer

Morning Track 1 – Advanced Process Modelling

[RESTRICTED] Resolving challenges in nuclear waste remediation through advanced process modelling

Felipe Basaglia, Adil Sardardeen, Ravindra Chunilal, Sellafield Ltd

Morning Track 2 – Formulated Products [Pharma & Biotech, Food & Beverage, Home & Personal care, Specialty & Agrichemicals]

Afternoon Track 1 – Chemicals & Petrochemicals; Energy & Environment

[RESTRICTED] Model-based real-time monitoring of ethylene cracking furnaces

Abduljelil Iliyas, SABIC; Steve Hall, PSE

[RESTRICTED] Optimising EDC cracker operation to enhance VCM plant economics

Wipada Lertpukpon, Kritsada Chotiwiriyakun, SCG Chemicals; Sreekumar Maroor, PSE

[RESTRICTED] Using high-fidelity multiscale models to screen Fischer-Tropsch catalysts

Henning Becker, Velocys

[RESTRICTED] gPROMS Utilities Advisor: new technologies for reducing energy use and cost

Dorus van der Linden, DSM

[RESTRICTED] Using high-fidelity models for redesign of industrial wastewater treatment plants

Yvonne van der Kerkhove, DSM

Afternoon Track 2 – Formulated Products

[RESTRICTED] Use of a mechanistic model to transfer a spray drying process across sites

Emmanuela Gavi, Roche

[RESTRICTED] Addressing problems in solids segregation in hoppers and drying in fluid beds

Mark Pinto, Procter & Gamble

Model discrimination and estimability

Sal Garcia-Munoz, Eli Lilly

Wednesday 26 April – Day Two

General session – gPROMS platform & product developments

Morning Track 1 – gPROMS ProcessBuilder developments

[RESTRICTED] Reactor modelling and production optimisation in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

Jiaqi Chen, Shell

Morning Track 2 – Formulated Products

Afternoon Track 1 – Oil & Gas and Refining

Challenges for Oil & Gas Operators: An industry perspective

Malcolm Woodman, MR Woodman Consulting

Afternoon Track 2 – Formulated Products

[RESTRICTED] Parenteral Digital Design: Predictive physical stability impact of elemental residues

Garry O'Connor, Pfizer

Microstructure-based modelling of tablet disintegration and dissolution

Frantisek Stepanek, Institute of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

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