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Poster presentations

Chelsea Harbour Hotel

25–26 April 2017 - Main event


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Chemicals, Petrochemicals & Refining

Modelling of waste heat recovery and water-steam power generation systems of integrated metallurgical plants in gPROMS

A. Spanlang, B. Weiss, W. Wukovits et al
K1-MET GmbH, Austria,
Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH, Austria,
TU Wien, Institute of Chemical Engineering, Austria


Fixed bed catalytic reactor modelling for TAME synthesis

Valentin Plesu, Alexandra-Elena Bonet-Ruiz, Petrica Iancu, Jordi Bonet, Enric Botella, Stefan Toader , Nicoleta Gabriela Stefan et al
University of Barcelona, Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytic Chemistry
University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Centre for Technology Transfer in Process Industries (CTTIP)


Modelling of a fluidised bed reactor for thermochemical energy storage applications

Stylianos Flegkas, Felix Birkelbach, Andreas Werner et al
TU Wien, Vienna, Austria


Formulated Products (Life Sciences, Food & Consumer Goods, Specialty Chemicals)

A Framework for the personalised treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Symeon Savvopoulos, Margaritis Kostoglou, Michael C. Georgiadis, Athanasios Mantalaris , Nicki Panoskaltsis et al
CPSE, BSEL, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Department of Haematology, Imperial College London


Statistical investigation of the composition of simulated intestinal fluid on the equilibrium solubility of oral drugs and in silico prediction using gCOAS

Jeremy Perrier, Zhou Zhou, Claire Dunn, Ibrahim Khadra, Clive G Wilson, Gavin Halbert et al
University of Strathclyde, UK


Numerical simulation of an impact pin mill with DEM-PBM coupling model

Xizhong Chen, Lige Wang, Jin Y. Ooi et al
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, U.K


UREA GRANULATION CIRCUIT SIMULATOR: design, simulation, optimisation and control of UFT granulation plants

Ivana M. Cotabarren, Diego E. Bertín, Verónica Bucalá, Juliana Piña et al
Department of Chemical Engineering, PLAPIQUI, Universidad Nacional del Sur, CONICET


Micro-scale process development and optimisation for crystallization processes

Cameron Brown, Niall Mitchell et al
CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub,
Process Systems Enterprise, London, UK


Application of gCRYSTAL® CLD sensor workflow for kinetic parameter estimation

O.S. Agimelen , N.A . Mitchell, C.J. Brown, D. Slade, B. Ahmed, A. J. Florence Florence, J. Sefcik, A.J. Mulholland et al
EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Continuous and Crystallization, University of Strathclyde
Process Systems Enterprise, London, UK


Development of a novel continuous filtration unit for pharmaceutical process development and manufacturing: modelling and experimental approach to estimate cake properties

Ottoboni S, Price C J, Steven C, Meehan E, Barton A, Firth P, Mitchell A , Tahir F et al
EPSRC, University of Strathclyde, AstraZeneca, UK, Alconbury Weston, UK, Perceptive Engineering, UK


Water management

Water resources management with dynamic optimisation strategies and integrated models of lakes and artificial wetlands

M. Soledad Diaz, Jimena Di Maggio, Vanina Estrada et al
Planta Piloto de Ingeniería Química (PLAPIQUI) CONICET-Universidad Nacional del Sur


Bayesian Parameter Estimation

Bayesian Parameter Estimation in gPROMS

Lucian Gomoescu et al
Process Systems Enterprise Ltd, London, UK



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