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Advanced process modelling – a tool to create value for your research, engineering & operation

Both industry and academia have a high demand for robust and powerful simulation software. Increased competition, more stringent environmental regulations and social responsibility have driven industry towards more dynamic operation and have increased the need for more detailed models. Since research is at the cutting edge of science looking at new products and processes, custom models are typically required. gPROMS® has been used successfully in both industry and research for well over a decade.

Successful application of these kind of models goes well beyond running simulations of simple/basic models. It typically involves one or more of the following elements: sensitivity analysis, global system analysis, parameter estimation, model validation, design of experiments, optimization and/or uncertainty analysis. To get most value out of the models one would not only like to use the models off-line, but also on-line and across the organization, which typically requires a different deployment mechanism.

In this workshop we will show a typical model-based engineering work flow and see how all these aspects can be dealt with in gPROMS ProcessBuilder®. The workshop is a combination of presentations, demos and case studies.


10:50 Brief introduction into PSE & ProcessBuilder
11:00 Model-based engineering workflow covering flowsheeting, custom modelling, sensitivity analysis, parameter estimation, model validation, design of experiments, variable screening, optimization, deployment options with a demo & two case studies
12:00 Q&A
12:10 End


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