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Optimisation under uncertainty

New technologies for enhancing Operational Excellence and process design

Thursday, 12 October 2017, 9:00 – 12:00

You work in a dynamic environment where feedstocks and product values change constantly. How can you drive more value from your operating assets when you already operate at the design limits of your equipment?

To date, the main use of process simulation and modelling tools has been to analyse "what-if" scenarios in order to improve process design and operation. This is typically done manually as a point activity, using repeated simulation runs.

Global system analysis now allows users to rapidly and systematically explore the behaviour of oil & gas, refining or petrochemical processes, using high-fidelity process models, over ranges of conditions to determine the effect of different modes of operation or uncertainty on process KPIs.

This provides an easy way to rapidly achieve a number of Operational Excellence objectives: establish the optimal operating conditions for various modes of operation, assess and reduce the associated operational risks, enhance reliability and safety, and many more.

Unlike conventional approaches, this can be achieved taking into account uncertainty in, for example, feedstock quality, product demand, cooling water temperature and other key variables. It also allows companies to make better-informed investment decisions and easily screen and rank process design alternatives.


9:00–9:15 Registration and refreshments
9:15–9:30 What is global system analysis and why would you use it to enhance Operational Excellence?
9:30–10:00 How to define input factors and attribute uncertainty to these
How to define output responses / key performance indicators of interest
10:00–10:30 Hands-on** exercise 1
10:30–11:00 Refreshment Break
11:00–11:15 How to use global system analysis to support R&D, investment and operational decisions
11:15–11:45 Hands-on** exercise 2
11:45–12:00 Summary of industrial applications to date Wrap-up discussion
12:00–13:30 Lunch

** Please bring your own laptop for the hands-on session

Who should attend?

The seminar is aimed at operations managers, technology managers and process engineers from the Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Specialty Chemicals industries who have a strong interest in enhancing Operational Excellence and exploring the process design and operational decision space.

If you would like to attend this seminar, please register using the form below.

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